What Does the LCS Stand For and What it Is

The LCS has taken the esports world by storm and the League of Legends scene is seen as the leaders of the esports industry. But what does the LCS stand for and what is it?

The LCS, also known as the NA LCS, stands for the League of Legends Championship Series. It is Riot Games’ North American esports league for the 10 tier 1 teams that have a franchised slot within the United States and Canada. The LCS conducts standard League of Legends matches between these teams to crown the victors who will move on to the LCS Worlds Championships.

Let’s talk about what the LCS is and alternatives of the LCS.

What is the LCS

The LCS (or NA LCS) is the tier 1 League of Legends tournament hosted by Riot Games’ and is widely known as the top league to get into for League of Legends in North America. Only 10 teams are in the NA LCS, paying millions to have their secured spot. Over the year, the teams are involved in various tournaments, such as the spring and summer series. The spring season is more for show, but the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place teams at the end of the summer playoffs qualify for the League of Legends Worlds Championship Series (known as Worlds or LCS Worlds).


Alternatives to the LCS

LPL: League of Legends Pro League

LEC: League of Legends European Championship

LCK – League of Legends Champions Korea

LMS – League of Legends Master Series

LCL – League of Legends Continental League

TCL – Turkish Championship League

CBLOL – Campeonato Brasileiro de League of Legends

LJL – League of Legends Japan League

LLA – Latin America League/Liga Latinomerica

OPL – Oceanic Pro League (Australia/NZ)

LST – League of Legends Southeast Asia Tour

VCS – Vietnam Championship Series