Upcoming Metroidvania Games Of 2022

The Metroidvania genre has been gaining a lot of traction these past couple of years. The release of Team Cherry’s popular Metroidvania Hollow Knight created a rumble that shook the entire indie gaming industry and since then, many studios have tried to recapture that lightning in a bottle.

This inspiration has brought us so many gems over the years like Blasphemous and GRIME. There are so many Metroidvania games coming out every year and it’s quite a hassle to sift through them all. Don’t worry, we’ve done the heavy sifting for you, and these are our picks for the best upcoming Metroidvania games of 2022 and beyond.

Rusted Moss

Release Date: TBA 2022
Platform: Microsoft Windows

Rusted Moss is a Metroidvania with guns!

The world is gradually dying and the iron inventions of man are full of rust and decay. Amidst the decay are dangerous machines and powerful witches ready to wipe out what’s left.

There are various weapons from the old world scattered through the lands – Assault rifles for quick bursts of fire, Sniper Rifles to take out opponents from a distance, and sometimes a trusty pistol is all you need to end an encounter. There are still a few humans and fae folk around, learn their stories to better understand the world.


Release Date: TBA 2022
Platform: Microsoft Windows

Islet is an adorable-looking, hand-drawn Metroidvania created by lone developer Kyle Thompson.

The story centers around Iko, an aspiring warrior on a quest to reunite a bunch of floating Islands. He travels with his airship to each island to reactivate their magnetic cores. As he reactivates these cores, a new section of the map is combined with the current one.

On his journey, Iko will befriend a charming cast of characters and battle various enemies and bosses.


Release Date: TBA 2022
Platform: Microsoft Windows

Bio-Gun is a twin-stick shooter Metroidvania. You play as Bek, a vaccine created from pig DNA and injected into a dog to combat the deadly Dooper Virus.

On your journey, you’ll meet various cells that will provide upgrades for your weapons and other useful items. Fight a variety of deadly viruses and bacteria and find various useful abilities inside this fleshy world.

Your success will mean a cure of all Dog-Kind.


Release Date: Summer 2022
Platform: Microsoft Windows

Moonscars is Grimdark souls-like Metroidvania

The story centers around the Clayborne warrior Grey Irma. He is driven by a singular purpose, to find the Sculptor, and unravel the mystery of her existence.

On his journey, Grey will face many denizens of darkness, relentless enemies that must be fought meticulously. The world is unforgiving and mistakes result in a swift death. Learn from each death and overcome the trials of this brutal adventure.

Grey has many tools at his disposal. He uses his sword to dispatch enemies and his shield to block or parry incoming attacks, creating an opening. He has command over powerful witchcraft to aid him in combat. Unlock various abilities and powerful weapons through exploration of this desolated world.


Release Date: 19th May 2022
Platforms: Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows

Souldiers is a beautiful 16-bit action-adventure Metroidvania.

A group of soldiers fall in battle and get whisked away to the beautiful fantasy world of Terragaya. There they must explore the world whilst they search for the Guardian so they can pass on into the next life.

You choose from three classes – Archer, Scout, and Caster. Each with its own unique set of equipment and abilities.

Explore an interconnected world filled with various puzzles and treasures.

Curse Of The Sea Rats

Release Date: TBA 2022
Platforms: Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X and Series S, PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, PlayStation 5

Curse Of The Sea Rats is a charming Metroidvania that follows the story of four prisoners of the British Empire who were turned into rats by a pirate witch.

You choose one of four playable characters – Douglas, Buffalo, Akane, and Bussa. Each with their own distinct abilities.

Having been shipwrecked on the coast of Ireland, the four unlikely allies must explore the land, battle all manner of foes, defeat dangerous bosses, and ultimately capture the witch to regain their human forms.

The game features a variety of special abilities to unlock as well as powerful magic. The 2.5D style is complimented by beautiful hand-drawn art inspired by Disney’s classic style.


Release Date: Summer 2022
Platform: Microsoft Windows

Redshot is a guns-blazing bullet hell Metroidvania.

Jack “Goose” Redshot crash lands on a planet in the outer reaches of space and is given one mission – rescue the royal family of the city of Carcosa from a mysterious supernatural invader, who has laid siege to the city and its inhabitants.

To accomplish this, Jack can acquire a plethora of various guns and secondary arms. Each weapon thrives best in various situations, as such, it is essential to create several loadouts.

The game features over 200 rooms to explore, over 30 enemy types, and a dozen bosses. The world is scattered with unlockable abilities such as a double jump and other useful perks.

Ghost Song

Release Date: 2022
Platform: Microsoft Windows

Ghost Song is a highly anticipated Metroidvania that’s been in development since 2013. It recently got backed by Humble Games and will finally release in 2022.

Ghost Song follows the story of a Deadsuit that has awoken after being dormant for a very long time. There is no clear reason for this awakening and the Deadsuit has no memories to recall.

The world is barren and decaying but the Deadsuit must search for answers. Their journey will take them beneath the surface where they will discover ancient mysteries and cosmic terror.

The character starts with a simple blaster where their right arm should be. As they explore the world, they’ll gradually come across different modifications for the blaster, as well as various melee weapons for the enemies that get too close.

On their journey, the Deadsuit will meet different characters and piece together the story of this world. Perhaps they’ll uncover their memories along the way.


Release Date: TBA 2023
Platform: Microsoft Windows

Moadra is another upcoming grimdark Metroidvania very clearly inspired by The Terminator.

You play as Moadra, a soldier sent to a distant planet called Protea VI to investigate the disappearance of an expedition that was sent to rediscover their lost heritage. Upon learning the fate of this expedition, unexpected circumstances separate Moadra from the rest of his team.

Lost and Alone, Moadra must traverse this hostile world, survive the unknown, and discover the secrets of his ancestors. The game features a non-linear progression and rewarding exploration.

The combat is fast-paced and challenging, involving constant movement to avoid getting swarmed. There are also tough bosses that will challenge the skills of the player.

Will Moadra discover the secrets of this world? Or will he simply die trying?

Heart Forth, Alicia

Release Date: TBA
Platform: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows

Heart Forth, Alicia is another long-awaited Metroidvania. It was kickstarted in 2014 and has been in development ever since.

The tale begins with a young wizard about to begin her coming-of-age trial when suddenly, fire rains down from the sky, burning the village.

It turns out that the village was caught up in a war between the wizards of the forest and the desert army of the West. Separated from her loved ones, our young hero sets out on a journey to reunite with them.

Alicia is equipped with an enchanted whip and a variety of magic spells. Throughout her journey, she will come across upgrades for her weapons and new magic spells.

The game is inspired by the classic retro style of the 90s combined with a modern twist.