Tips You Need to Get Better at Call Of Duty: Vanguard

Let’s face it, Call Of Duty is hard to get into as a noob. Nobody enjoys logging into a match to immediately get 360 no scoped by a dude with an MP7. Professional players spend hours honing their skills in games and no matter how much natural talent you have, it’s pretty hard to compete with these guys.

There are some basic needs you need to get better at Call Of Duty: Vanguard, you need to have a practiced aim, a good understanding of how the equipment works, and how to make good use of your minimap.

So, here are a couple more tips to help you get better at the game.

Play Through The Campaign

Sure, it’s tempting to immediately jump into the multiplayer and have fun with your friends, but it’s better to play through the campaign first. That’s because the campaign teaches you the basics. You get familiar with the controls, have a feel for how the character moves and how the aiming feels. The enemy AI isn’t particularly advanced or anything so there’s no pressure on you to get good immediately.

You also get the opportunity to experience the various weapons in the game and how each of them feels. This way you’ll know which weapons you feel most comfortable using. The campaign will also help improve your reaction time and muscle memory and in a match, how well you’ll succeed greatly depends on how quickly you can react.

Lastly, play the campaign simply for the storytelling. Since the days of World At War, each Call Of Duty game tells really entertaining stories and it would be a waste to not experience them at least once.

Turn Off any Motion Blur

Motion blur might add a cinematic effect to the campaign, although that largely depends on your preferences, in a multiplayer match though, it could mean your death. Imagine noticing an enemy in the corner of your screen, and you, confident in your reflexes try to quickly turn the camera and blast the poor fool only for you to see a blurry mess and a death screen.

Multiplayer matches require a ton of quick movements and you can’t react quickly when everything is a blur on your screen, so the easy fix is to head into your settings menu and turn off both World Motion Blur and Weapon Motion Blur.

Adjust your FOV Slider

The Field Of View (FOV) is a very important tool in any multiplayer game. It enables you to see more of the map the higher you increase it. This gives you the advantage of spotting players that you ordinarily wouldn’t at the default FOV.

It’s a simple setting but it can be an absolute game-changer and it may just be the thing that drives your team to victory. It should be noted that increasing the FOV will have an impact on your performance.

Have Multiple Loadouts

Flexibility is an absolute must if you want to master the game. Every map is different, from terrain to size, and using a particular set of weapons for every single map is a surefire way to rack up losses.

It’s best to create loadouts according to the range of the map. Shotguns and some assault rifles are very effective at short to medium ranges and sniper rifles are absolutely killer in long-range maps.

Level up Weapons Quickly

Leveling up weapons come with useful attachments and perks which open up a wider variety of tactical options for players. Tempting as it is to jump into a match with basic weapons, it’s best to leave all that to the pros. The max level achievable in Call Of Duty Vanguard is level 70.

There are many ways to quickly level up your weapons. One of them is the Champion’s Hill game mode. This game mode gives players 496 weapon XP per kill, which is significantly more than any other mode. Another way is to play a couple of games of Zombies.

If you play on a double XP weekend, you can quickly rack up points to upgrade your weapons. You also get more XP the longer you last in a match so sometimes it’s wiser to play conservatively rather than rushing in guns blazing.

Get the Ninja Perk

This is an absolute must-have perk. Sound plays a very vital role in Vanguard and there are players who invest in quality audio setups to take advantage of this.

The ninja perk,  as the name suggests, allows you to move without making a sound. This makes it harder for enemies to hear you coming.

It also has the added bonus of reducing fall damage and making it harder for enemy tracker perks to locate you. This perk can be unlocked once you reach level 15, so keep it in mind as you grind levels.

Utilize the Destructible Environment

Maps in Call Of Duty Vanguard feature destructible environments. The level of destruction isn’t as extensive as Battlefield 2042, so not every floor or wall can be destroyed but those that can be open a whole new level of tactical play, or some trolling if you’re into that sort of thing.

Destroying walls can be a good way to escape being cornered or killing players on the other side unaware of your presence.

Laying Down Suppressive Fire

Suppressive fire is a staple in a First-person shooter and that is no different in Call Of Duty Vanguard. It’s more than just a tactic and actually has an effect in game.

Players under suppressive fire will notice that their movement speed has been noticeably reduced making it harder to escape unscathed. The affected player will also notice their Field Of View has been reduced.

For the sake of balance, affected players have the option of using blind fire (allows you to shoot without peeking from cover)as well as other useful perks like Low Profile.

The Combat Pacing Match Filter Mechanic

This is a new feature that gives you total control over the kind of matches you want to play and the number of players you want to play with.

There are three game modes to choose from. Tactical is slower-paced for players who like to take their time. This mode has a higher TTK (Time To Kill) than the other modes. Standard is your average COD match with all the known bells and whistles and would instantly be familiar to long-time players of previous COD titles.

Lastly, Blitz is much faster-paced for players that like to go in guns blazing. This mode features larger maps and a high number of players.

Death is Not the End

Dying sucks, there’s nothing more disappointing than being the first in the team to get offed as soon as the match starts and I’m most definitely NOT saying this from experience.

There is actually a way to still contribute to the team even when you’ve been knocked out of the game and that is making use of the chat feature. Dying gives you a third person’s perspective and that extra layer of visual depth allows you to warn your teammates of imminent danger or lead them to an enemy’s position.

The final tip is to make sure you enjoy the game. There’s no specific way to play. It is important to recognize your strengths and weaknesses and play accordingly.