How to See Match History in Fortnite

Epic Game’s Fortnite really took the world by storm with it’s colorful and playful take on the battle royale genre. While the game from a gameplay standpoint has a lot that is worth admiring, for whatever reason Fortnite has a lot of internal functions that have never really been incorporated and the user’s experience suffers as a result.

One of those functions is Fortnite’s match history. It’s hard to find really any online game that doesn’t have an internal match history for players to look at their stats from prior matches, but somehow, it’s just not a thing Epic is looking to execute on. So, the question remains, how do you see your match history in Fortnite?

To see your previous match history, you need to have a third-party tracking website open in the background or to index your profile on a reliable third-party’s site so they record your future games. Once it’s recorded on the site, you can look at it for 14-60 days before it’s removed, depending on the site.

Unfortunately, unless you had a third-party website open in your background or indexed your account beforehand to ensure they keep a recording of your history, you aren’t able to see your previous Fortnite game stats. Still, you are able to see your overall stats. In the future, make sure to follow our steps to ensure all your matches are saved.

The exception to the statement above is are third party tools that are able to pull your information for Epic’s backend still or are tracking everyone for a short period of time. One tool specifically, mentioned in more detail below, may actually be doing that and you may be able to see your recent match history now even if you haven’t interacted with them prior.

In this article, we will quickly run you through the different tools you can use to track your match history, along with their additional Fortnite services and our overall thoughts about each tool.

What are the Different Fortnite Game Trackers?

To see your game history, you can use really any of the websites we listed below. Below are the top websites we’ve seen:

This is the list of the top game trackers we found for Fortnite. Below we will breakdown the differences between each and determine which tool we inevitably believe is the best to use.

Overview - Pros and Cons Chart

Pros Cons
Fortnite Master
➤ Provides the most per match information

➤ Their site usually automatically tracks match history and stats

➤ Provides OBS overlay for users

➤ Operates a Discord bot for Discord servers
➤ A lot of ads

➤ The automatic tracking isn’t completely reliable, and you are recommended to leave their site in your background with your profile to ensure tracking is live
Fortnite Tracker
➤ Modern, clean and well-created user-interface

➤ Overall profile stats are best laid out

➤ Operates a Discord bot for Discord servers

➤ Users can incorporate an Overwolf integration if you run Overwolf on your computer
➤ Their site has to be open with your profile in the background to ensure tracking is live
➤ Has a leader base and data from 2+ years ago as long as you were indexed on their site prior to that point

➤ Almost no ads
➤ Tracking elements are dysfunctional; no longer operates

➤ All data present on the site is outdated

Fortnite Master

The moment you open Fortnite Master, it’s clear that this website embodies a lot of the branding that the more original Fortnite took. Overall, this platform looks quite nice, besides one SMALL factor.

THERE ARE ADS EVERYWHERE! The moment you open the site, there are already 3 ads flashing in your face while you will see 4 new ones once you open up your profile. This is easily the biggest turnoff of the site.

As you can see from this image, the front page of Fortnite Master is already blowing up with advertisements. Esport How is no stranger to on-page advertisements, but this is pretty excessive, especially for a compact front page.

As for the interface in the match history page, it’s nothing crazy impressive, but it’s not bad. Some parts such as the overall dashboard seems a bit buggy, but overall I don’t hate it.

Click on the Match History button (indicated by arrow 1.) to see your full individual match breakdown. Press the OBS Overlay button (indicated by arrow 2,) to export their OBS overlay to import it onto your stream.

As far as how it records, it seems like Fortnite Master may indeed be recording your match history without you having to keep it open in the background or even indexing your account. However, I’ve heard that this match history isn’t completely reliable, but I’d admit it’s better than nothing.

In addition to the actual tracker, they provide a stream overlay with updated player stats and a Discord bot that can provide people’s stats live in your server with the use of their commands. It’s also a nice accessibility option and a decent way to spice up your Fortnite-focused Discord server.

Fortnite Tracker

Although Fortnite Master embodies what Fortnite used to feel like, Fortnite Tracker seems to feel like it embodies what more of the modern Fortnite looks like. It has a black exterior and all the colors are a lot darker in contrast versus Fortnite Master’s yelling bright colors.

They also carry ads, but they have significantly fewer advertisements than Fortnite Master. Their overall profile stats are laid out exceptionally well, the design and visibility are very clean and it feels very Fortnite-like. The layout of their match history is very underwhelming versus everything else, but it gets the job done. It also seems like the matches that they keep saved is for a shorter duration than Fortnite Master.

As you can see, Fortnite Tracker has significantly less advertisements, and these are placed on one side on a much longer, information page. The information (below the ads) are played out in a very attractive format that no other site does.

Fortnite Tracker also has its own Discord bot, in addition to an Overwolf add-on function. Overall, their website itself seems to feel and looks better than all of their competition.


Fortwiz is the most outdated out of all the other options. A nice thing about this site is that they have almost no paid advertisements, so if you are concerned about bandwidth this site may be the best for you. But the actual functionality of this site is just very lacklustre to say the least, if not dysfunctional.

Upon searching up my profile, the site is continually indexing my account without any end in sight. Upon searching up popular streamer “SypherPK”, his match history is limited to matches from 2+ years ago. The only nice thing about this site that if you played some matches during the period that they stored this specific match history 2 years ago, as long as their servers are up, you can refer to that data whenever you desire.

This is Fortwiz’s leaderboard, which provides the most data compared to all other sites’ leaderboard. The only issue, obviously is the fact that it’s based on information from 2 years ago.

But to see your current match history, this site no longer does that. It seems like the developers no longer support their software, and as a result their APIs aren’t up-to-date and pulling from Epic Games’ servers/database. At least you can see how the community originally formatted their websites 2 years ago.

Should Tournament Organizers Use Any of The Match History Tools?

To answer this question, I won’t be speaking from personal experience as up to this point, I haven’t needed to use these tools. But theoretically, if you open a window on Fortnite Master or Fortnite Tracker for all your participants in your tournament, you should have data that you can leverage to verify game results and even resolve disputes with this definitive data.

As long as the tool you are using is functionally well at the time of your tournament (I’d recommend testing it out a bit before and also confirmed that it’s still up-to-date with Fortnite’s updates), it could actually make the score tallying system significantly easier for TOs and make the playing experience for the players more enjoyable as they won’t be required to submit the result of each match to a referee or TO.

I’m surely going to use these tools whenever I host another head-to-head tournament on live servers. But before doing so, like I mentioned, I will also be testing out the sites before the tournament to ensure that everything is functional. There are also certain tournament organizing Discord bots that use a site’s API to pull this data in addition to managing the tournament hosting elements, if you want to learn more feel free to email me at

Be advised, the data that is currently being tracked (and it likely wouldn’t change in the future) is only from public server matches. This excludes private matches and creative island matches. If players are participating in creative island matches or private matches, they still need to report their scores and take a screenshot of the results.

Conclusion - Which Match History Tool is the Best?

After hours of looking through and testing all the different tools, it seems like Fortnite Tracker takes home the crown for the best Fortnite match and game history tool. Although all of them functionally do the same activities, due to Fortnite Tracker’s stunning UI and in addition to having much fewer ads than Fortnite Master, it became a fairly easy choice.

Does that mean that you cannot use any other tool? Absolutely not. Fortnite Master provides slightly more information for individual matches. They also have a decent user-interface as well, not to mention their custom stream overlay which will let you display your history on your stream. Smaller more situational factors like those would make you want to opt into this tool.

The inserting process for the Fortnite Master OBS Overlay is fairly simple. In the image above, you can see what it looks like, including the data that is presented and the first step of adding this to your stream. Instructions for opening this page was mentioned in this article above.

As to why you may want to attempt and use Fortwiz is beyond me, with the exception of wanting to look at 2+ year old match history if you registered with the website back when it was operational. Overall, this site is definitely the weakest and least reliable, I’d recommend not wasting any time with this site for new players. You can, however, see a nicely laid out leaderboard (which is all outdated) if that rocks your boat.

Now that you know how you can start recording your game history if you would excuse me, the marvel DLC just came out and I need to wreck some kids.