How to Recruit Fortnite Players For Your Esports Team

Fortnite is a popular game for grassroots teams aspiring to become a professional team, but to have a solid esports team, they need to recruit good Fortnite players.

You are probably wondering how to get good Fortnite players. Thankfully, as someone who worked for a professional esports team that has had the most money earned in Fortnite and has experience recruiting players for them (in other games), I have the experience and know-how to provide you with tips and tricks on setting your team up for success.

In this article, I’ll educate you on different grassroots methods of recruiting players for a new esports team and what you should look for in players. If you want a more detailed general purpose player recruitment article, click here to read “How to Recruit Players For Your Esports Team”.

With that all out of the way, let’s dive right into the article.

How to Recruit Fortnite Players for Your Esports Team

To recruit Fortnite players for your esports team, you must:

  1. Look at Popular Tier-1 Teams in Fortnite
  2. Skim Their Social Media and Find Individuals Expressing Interest to Join the Team as a Player
  3. Message Those Individuals and Sell Them on the Idea of Joining Your Team
  4. Scout Streams for Good Players With a Low Number of Viewers
  5. Use Tools Like GYO Score for Additional Scouting
  6. Scout at Live Events
  7. Have all Interested Players Go Through Your Vetting Process
  8. Select the Most Qualified Players to Join Your Team

Do note that steps 1 to 6 are means to end for steps 7 and 8. We want to use different methods for fishing players and vet them all at once to have the best possible selection.

We shall go more in-depth into each of these steps to best aid you on your journey on creating a successful Fortnite esports team

1. Look at Popular Tier-1 Teams in Fortnite

This is by far the best way to get players that most grassroots teams for some reason are ignoring and then wondering where they can find good players from.

Basically, when I worked with Lazarus, I saw a lot of people requesting to join our team on public forums such as Discord and Twitter. Well, if you are a professional esports team like Lazarus, these aspiring professionals wouldn’t really be considered unless they go through the proper channels.

But for grassroots teams such as yourself, that is literally a gold mine of unaffiliated players looking to go pro.

2. Skim Their Social Media and Find Individuals Expressing Interest to Join the Team as a Player

Go through any popular Fortnite team’s social media, specifically posts about new players signing on or teasing that they are looking for new players.

You want to look for statements like “One day I’ll make it to the team” or “How do I signup to play for the team”.

3. Message Those Individuals and Sell Them on the Idea of Joining Your Team

DM these people and sell them on the idea of joining your team for the time being.

This can be done in various ways, but the essence of this is to have them value your team or see enough value in joining your team.

Since you’ve likely found them on a site like Twitter, you can go through their history and gauge what exactly they like and the type of person they are.

From there, you are able to estimate exactly how you want to approach this person and exactly what may turn them on to the idea of joining your esports team.

If you have any current benefits, then be sure to pitch those. If you don’t, be sure to sell him on the idea of growing with the team and gaining future benefits as you build out the team.

In the latter’s case, you want to sell him on the dream as that’s really at that point all you’ve got.

4. Scout Streams for Good Players With a Low Number of Viewers

Professional esports teams are watching the top streamers or the highest-ranking players to look for esports players. What they are skipping are the lower viewed channels with less skillful players, well that’s exactly what our target will be when starting off an esports Fortnite team.

Go through a site like Twitch, YouTube or Facebook and go to the low-end of Fortnite streamers. Assuming they are a regular streamer and only stream Fortnite, you already know this is someone who is committed to his craft and is willing to put in some level of work.

If they seem like a good fit, reach out to them and again sell them on the idea of the dream and have him in your vetting process.

5. Use Tools Like GYO Score for Additional Scouting

The 2nd last method for scouting for players is by using tools like GYO Score to scout for decent ranking players. This tool may or may not be super helpful to you, but you can see the ranks and analytics of the registered Fortnite players.

This also includes free-agent players and it displayed if players are affiliated or not. You can use any tool you want, GYO Score is the one I know but if you have multiple platforms, the more the merrier.

6. Scout at Live Events

Lastly, a costly option, if you are really desperate. is to scout at live events for esports Fortnite players.

Pro teams would likely take the top ranking players in large tournaments, but they may discard the low ranking players in large tournaments and outright ignore grassroots tournaments. That’s our target.

Remember, right now you are just trying to establish a Fortnite team, not really have a tier 1 world cup winning team. That only comes once you gain experience and start having sponsorships that will allow you to provide paid benefits to the players.

Scouting at live events also allows you to have 1 on 1 conversation with players, allowing you to get instant feedback on how players respond.

7. Have all Interested Players Go Through Your Vetting Process

With steps 1 to 6, I do need to mention that you will hear no a lot, but don’t let them discourage you from the process. It’ll be hard at the start, but once you start actually scaling your team, the same people who doubted you will come begging at your doorstep asking to join.

But enough of that, once you’ve got enough players in your vetting process, you want to start going through them.

Your vetting process is simply interviews with a series of questions derived from what you’ve seen on their streams (if they stream), their social media, their analytics and any general questions you want to know about their personalities.

In terms of what you need to look for, I detail that below.

8. Select the Most Qualified Players to Join Your Team

Finally, after all is done and you’ve gone through a few interviews for each prospective player, you can pick the most qualified of them to join your esports team.

You may wonder how you decide who is most qualified and thankfully the next part of this article will talk about just that.

What Should You Consider When Recruiting and Scouting Fortnite Players

When looking at Fortnite players, you should consider:

  • Performance and Skills
  • Maturity Level
  • Winner’s Mentality
  • Tolerance For Struggles and Loss
  • Willingness to be Managed and Coached
  • Growth Trajectory

Once again, let’s dive right into each of these to best help you understand the types of things pros are looking for in esports players to win.

Performance and Skills

The most obvious is their performance and skills. If they are a good player, chances are they are more likely to win than a player who isn’t as good.

That said, skills aren’t the end all be all. Esports players are human and humans are complex.

There are additional elements that will all impact the player’s ability to maintain that skill level, grow it and be actually committed to the team.

Pick a player to vet based on their skill level, but recruit a player based on their other attributes.

Maturity Level

The maturity level is so big in Fortnite. Most decent players are of a younger age demographic due to the nature of who the game mostly attracts.

As a result, you don’t want immature players who won’t take training, practice sessions and your team seriously. You want players who can handle themselves, understand a thing or two about esports and business and help your team become successful.

Watch out for immature individuals and quickly avoid individuals who aren’t mature. They’ll start to cripple your team and you’ll soon realize that they won’t really commit and they’ll have to replace them soon after you secured them.

Winner’s Mentality

A winner’s mentality is pretty big. In the book Relentless, the author talks about sports (which I’d include esports as it directly translates mindsets), the winners are those with the winner mindset.

Those who are always looking to improve and grow. Those who don’t just want to be on a team or just go pro, but who want to win the entire tournament and everything they do.

Even if they can’t hit that, you want to find people who aspire to that. A person with a winner’s mindset may not always win but a person with a loser’s mindset will never win.

Tolerance For Struggles and Loss

Is the player taking ownership for his mistakes? Can he handle losing or does he start winning after a loss? Can he control his anger or does he flame at the game all day long?

These are all elements you have to consider before picking up an esports Fortnite player.

Players who can’t handle losses will struggle to improve since they won’t reflect on their losses and they will be more likely to leave your team out of frustration and lack of commitment to the game.

Not to mention it’ll start to make them toxic. Avoid toxic players at all costs. Even the pro teams ignore really good toxic players because it’s full of problems and none of the other esports players want to play with a toxic player.

Plus the toxicity spreads to the other players and it becomes less of a team game and more of a fighting feast (specifically like in duos and squads).

Willingness to be Managed and Coached

Are they open to learning or do they think they are the best and won’t want to improve? This is less so the case for grassroots players and even high-tier plays can be taught how to be coached, but finding people who are hungry to improve and take in feedback are golden players.

Those are the types of players who you’ll really want to pick and secure for your team.

Growth Trajectory

Lastly, although I’d argue this is one of the most important, is growth trajectory. You won’t be able to pick up any players that are pro, but you could pick up someone who is a tier 3 player who is improving their stats at a crazy level and that may end up going pro one day.

These players in particular you want to really find, nurture and grow with your team.

These are the highest value of players considering they could provide great opportunities and open up massive doors in the future.

The only thing is though once they really start to get good, other teams will try to poach him from you with really good monetary deals. Therefore, you want to milk his value for your team for as long as possible and prove them with as much as you possibly can.