How to Get Scouted for League of Legends

After working for an esports team, I know the process an esports team goes through to notice, scout and recruit a player for an esports team. Although I haven’t scouted for League of Legends specifically, I know exactly what an esports team in the LCS would go through to acquire their players.

In this article, I’ll talk about exactly what an esports team goes through to recruit their esports players. Click here if you want to read our general article on scouting.

How to Get Scouted By an Esports Team For League of Legends

To get scouted by an esports team for League of Legends, you must do the following:

  • Participate in the LCS Scouting Grounds
  • Rank at Least Up to Masters
  • Stream Yourself Playing League
  • Network With Esports Teams that Have an LoL Franchise Spot in the LCS
  • Hire an Agent for LoL

Let’s dive deeper into each of these actions and explain exactly what you need to do to get scouted by an esports team for the LCS and League of Legends.

Participate in the LCS Scouting Grounds

The best way to be scouted in the LCS by far is to get involved in Riot Games’ new LCS Scouting Grounds, partnered by FACEIT.

The scouting grounds started in 2019 and have been the best place for aspiring LCS professionals to take part in showcasing their skills to esports teams scouting for players.

This creates a very clean and clear avenue for esports players to actually line themselves up for a possible job as a professional esports player.

Especially because LCS requires you to play for a team for an esports team that has paid millions for a franchised spot in their league.

You want to make sure you register for this annual event and work as hard as possible to succeed.

Be sure to eat clean consistently prior to the tournament, get large amounts of sleep and do daily aerobic exercises to ensure good blood flow.

You also want to make sure you practice and warm-up enough before your matches but not too much to the point where you aren’t playing at the highest level before getting involved in the competition.

Be sure to check the dates for this year’s tournament and ensure you are ready to succeed.

Rank at Least Up to Masters

This isn’t a requirement but it’ll sure as hell help, specifically for tier 1 franchised players.

You want to rank up on Riot Games’ internal ladder as much as possible. That isn’t to say you have to get to the Challenger. Hell, many of the top 10 players on the LoL Ranked ladder aren’t even scouted or recruited for an LCS team.

That’s because solo/duo queue is vastly different from the actual professional play and teams know that. Therefore, you want to make sure you rank high enough but don’t need to worry about being at the top.

That said, the higher you are, the more noticeable you are and the higher likelihood that you may become an esports professional player for an esports team.

Try to make it as high as you can by continuously work with your team to learn how to become a better communicator and team player as a whole. Don’t let solo queue mold you completely as a solo queue player.

Stream Yourself Playing League

Streaming is a massive way to help you get the success you need for being spotted by esports teams.

Streaming yourself also gave recruiters such as myself the ability to see how you play, how react to certain situations and what your overall mindset was while you were playing.

Having that level of transparency greatly helps a recruiting team, but it definitely a double-edged sword to you as a player. Be sure to showcase how you want to win and that you aren’t toxic and can deal with situations well.

Show how you analyze every misplay and take ownership of your mistakes.

Streaming yourself will definitely give you more value and make you more noticeable, but we have to make sure that this is a tool used in your favor, not against you.

Network With Esports Teams that Have an LoL Franchise Spot in the LCS

This is a step that is harder considering that all teams in the LCS are tier 1 multi-million dollar teams, but it’s a common step I recommend to aspiring professional players nonetheless. If you are looking to go pro, I highly recommend you seriously start networking with esports teams in a professional manner.

You may be wondering, how do I network with esports teams? To network with esports teams, directly message them once a month on social media, join their Discord server, participate in their online events and engage on their Twitch streams.

By doing so, you are developing a relationship with the esports team and creating a name for yourself within the eyes of the organization. We have to play our cards smart here though.

Hire an Agent for LoL

Hiring a player agency and a player agent is going to make a world of difference assuming you are a good player and just having tough luck.

An esports player agent does a lot of different things for an esports player and will also make your entire career easier, but a key factor they can do for you is network and promote you on your behalf.

You’ll have to pay for access to an agent and you’ll have to do a bit of backend work to determine which agent would be the best to recruit, but once you locate them, they’ll take care of your networking and work with you on developing up your promotion.

The nice thing is if after you get a possible opportunity to work with an esports team, they will also help you negotiate on behalf of your contract responsibilities, trade-offs and rights.

They have worked with a number of different contracts, so they know exactly what is the industry standard and what may cause problems in the future.

How to Improve Your Chances of Being Scouted in League of Legends

To improve your chances of being scouted, you must:

  • Don’t Be a Toxic LoL Player
  • Have a Strong Social Presence
  • Network With Top Tier Teams Professionally
  • Keep a Professional and Clean Online Presence
  • Improve Your LoL Gameplay, Track Metrics and Noticeably Get Better

Once again, since this is a high-level list, let’s dive deeper into exactly what you can do to improve your chances of being scouted and recruited as an LCS player.

Don’t Be a Toxic LoL Player

League of Legends is well known for its toxic community, and take it from me who’s seen the trenches of low bronze all the way up to Diamond promos, it’s spread all over.

That said, the LCS is no joke. There is a massive amount of money on the line and toxicity is a liability to the esports team and won’t be tolerated.

An esports team is first and foremost a business. Obviously, they want to do as well as possible, but they don’t care to do well if they end up losing overall revenue from an investment.

Not to mention that toxicity spreads and kills the motivation to win within a team.

I know many players that are really good and deserve to be on an esports team but teams pass them up only because of their mindset, mentality and their toxicity.

If that’s you, it’s time to change. Stop flaming in chat, stop getting mad at bad plays, stop screaming on stream. Just stop complaining outright. Focus on what you can do better, not making excuses on how your team is the reason why you lost. Even if it was their fault, it doesn’t benefit you to think that because there are always things you can do better and differently.

Overall, becoming a less toxic player will actually make you a player teams aren’t repelling from and instead may actually want on their team. It will also make you an overall better player who takes ownership of his mistakes when losing (and his mistakes when winning).

Have a Strong Social Presence

This isn’t as big, especially for League of Legends where a massive amount of traffic goes to the top players, therefore teams would rather have a good player with lower metrics than the worst player with high metrics (depending of course on the specific team and their strategy. This is a general rule of thumb).

That said, social presence still does matter and having one will help you. Bringing whatever credibility and reputation you have is an asset to an esports team as a public brand.

What’s your public brand? How do you display yourself? Do people like you? What are your metrics? How are your social accounts doing? Are you active on them?

Things like these won’t make a world of a difference when it comes to acquiring players (specifically in League of Legends), but they will definitely help at least in the slightest. And the winner is the ones who move the extra inch just to be slightly closer to their goal.

Network With Top Tier Teams Professionally

The keyword here is professional. Don’t be spammy and don’t be annoying. Don’t be impatient either, understand that if you send off a message to an esports team, they likely get dozens of messages daily.

You want o do all you can to get noticed and be involved in their community, but be smart and tactful about how you do it.

LinkedIn is a great place to connect. Free free to connect with me!

Maturity is an important factor that teams have to also think about when deciding on a place. An immature player won’t work as hard, won’t try as hard and may not mess well with a serious team in a seriously competitive environment.

Whenever you try and look to do and say something, always think about it from the lens of an esports team. Try your best to be noticed, but don’t let your self-promotion be your downfall.

Keep a Professional and Clean Online Presence

I don’t know why I have to say this one but clearly, I do because this is a big one in the esports industry. I’ll try to be as clear as possible with this without flaming too hard. Don’t talk about politics on social media and on streams. Don’t say racist things on stream, even as a joke. Don’t say homophobic things on stream, even as a joke. Don’t date or hit on underaged youth, even as a joke.

Don’t make references to nazis, even as a joke. Don’t joke about someone’s voice, the way they act or the way they look. Seriously, is this so hard?

An esports team will keep away from you with a ten-foot pole. No team wants to associate with someone that can hurt their brand, that’s a liability. No one really cares what you think about abortion or other political discussion topics.

Stray away from them and focus on being the best player you can be. There may be social pressure from friends and your audience to make comments on things but think about it again from the perspective of an esports team.

How much would an esports team care if you didn’t say something about a topic? Now think about how much a team would care if you talked about the wrong thing or said it wrong or it came out wrong.

Focus on going pro, focus on improving and winning. Keep the social presence going but keep it to the topic of the game.

Improve Your LoL Gameplay, Track Metrics and Noticeably Get Better

If you are under 20, you should be putting in 10 and upwards of 14 hour days of gaming and training.

This isn’t limited to just playing. You will also want to watch vods, look at your analytics, read up on the patch notes, learn about new tactics and practice new things.

Make sure you are improving each week and noticeably so. Use tools that will graph out your analytics like GYO Score would and have it show you what you need to improve and set self-imposed benchmarks.

How Does Scouting Change By the Role You Play in League of Legends

Scouting doesn’t greatly change based on the role you play in League of Legends. The method of getting scouted and the process of being recruited are the same. The only difference is the skill requirements for each role, the team’s necessity and the market’s skill availability per role.

If you are worried that you won’t get scouted because you are a support player, don’t worry. Regardless of if you play support, top, mid or jg, the process of being scouted is the same.

That said, the skill requirements and the number of people in each role are very different. For example, mid requires a high skill level and there are a large number of players who play the middle lane.

Versus let’s say the jg where the players have to be very tactful, more than skillful and the competition is less (although a jger is more important in many cases).

As per being noticed and scouted, that won’t change based on the exact in-game role you play in League of Legends.