How to Delete and Deactivate a League of Legends Account?

When an addicted League of Legends player looks to quit League, the best decision you can make to prevent relapsing is to delete your League of Legends account. The process of deleting your account is quite simple.

In this article, we will go through the exact process you can go through to delete your account step-by-step (with images). I also answer a few FAQs such as what happens after you delete your account, the retrieval process after deleting your account and more.

How To Delete A League of Legends Account

To delete a League of Legends account, you must:

  1. Go to the League of Legends Support Page
  2. Sign in to Your Riot Account
  3. File a Ticket Under the Request Type “Account Request”
  4. Title the Ticket “Account Deletion”
  5. Wait for an Auto-Response From a Bot
  6. Reply with the Requested Information
  7. Wait 30 Days Without Requesting a Cancellation of the Deletion
  8. Your Account is Deleted!

Those are the steps for deleting a League of Legends account. Let’s break down each step into more detail and provide images to help aid you on your journey on deleting your own League of Legends account.

Note that my access to updated images was limited as I already deleted my League of Legends account and as a result, I cannot log in to show screenshots. I did include my actual screenshot for the final message, but I sadly didn’t take any other screenshots. If you want to give back and help us make it more clear for others that will read this article, please email me your screenshots at

1. Go to the League of Legends Support Page

To go to the support page, you can type in (or click the hyperlinked if you are registered in NA) or you will have to navigate to the site via Google or the League of Legends front page.

From Google, simply Google “League of Legends Support” and it will be the first result that populates.

If you are going there from the League of Legends front page, it’s the last item on the navigation bar located on the top of the screen.

From there, you will be directed to a page asking you which game you want support with. For us, let’s click “League of Legends”.

The support page should look like the image below (could be slightly different as they change and update the UI of their website).

2. Sign in to Your Riot Account

In order to delete your account, you must sign in to the Riot account that you wish to delete. This Riot account is connected to all your Riot Games products, including Valorant, Teamfight Tactics, League of Runeterra and League of Legends: Wild Rift.

If you are serious about deleting your account, note that all your other game accounts will be deleted too.

From the support page we went to in step 1, you will want to click on the “Sign In” button located at the top right side of the screen and situated on the site’s navigation bar.

Upon clicking the button, you will be navigated to the sign-in page (shown in the image below).

To sign in, fill in your Riot account username (the same name you use to sign in to your League of Legends account, not your Summoner’s Name) and your Riot account password (same password for your League of Legends account).

If you are having trouble signing in from the support page, perhaps try signing in from the front page. This shouldn’t may a difference but it may be depending on the bugs the site encounters as it seems to use different domains for each.

To sign in from the front page, navigate to You will see the sign-in button in the top right-hand corner of the screen (image below).

If you are still having trouble logging in, attempt to recover your account and retrieve your username and password.

3. File a Ticket Under the Request Type “Account Request”

Now that you are logged in, you will want to click on the “Submit a Ticket” button at the top right of the screen.

From there it will populate your screen with a “Submit a request” title and asking for you to “CHOOSE A REQUEST TYPE”. The request type we will choose is “Account Requests”.

Occasionally, Riot changes these request types, it may in the future be changed to “Account Deletion/Deactivation” or something of that nature. Use common sense if it’s ever changed, but it should for the most part be “Account Requests”.

If this title is changed, please let me know at so I can update this article and aid anyone else who may come across this in the future.

As long as you are already logged in, you should have more popups populate below and we will dive into those in step 4.

4. Title the Ticket “Account Deletion”

Now you will see a number of fill-in fields asking you about the specific action you are looking to take, the subject (aka the ticket title), the description.

Unfortunately, as I don’t have an account, these are where my screenshots suffer, but I’ll do my best to make do with what I have.

Anyway, the screen will look similar to the image below (not exactly like this, I tried my best to use inspect elements to replicate it).

From there, you want to select “Account Deactivation/Deletion” as the dropdown option. For your subject, type exactly “Account Deletion”. This alone will inform a Riot Games bot that you want to delete your account.

For your description, that doesn’t really matter. Riot Games recommends you type the following (but in my experience, it doesn’t change anything):

  • Account Name (The name you login to the LoL Client with):
  • Summoner Name (The name your friends see in-game):
  • The server you play on:
  • Creation date of the account:
  • The location that you registered the account from (City, Country):
  • The email address used to originally register your account:

Press “Submit” once it’s all down and now this ticket will populate in your “My Tickets” page linked to your account.

5. Wait for an Auto-Response From a Bot

Wait for about 2 to 4 business days for Riot Games’ Bot to reply (I guess their bots take weekends off too?).

I really wish I could show the message here verbatim (if someone can send me the screenshot via email, that would be really appreciated!), but in essence the bot is letting you know that by deleting your account, you are withdrawing all ownership.

Additionally, once you make a request to delete, even if you attempt to stop the deletion during the grace period, stopping the deletion process isn’t guaranteed, especially closer to the date set for deletion. Not to mention that there is no way to undo this process once your account is officially deleted. It’ll be gone for good.

6. Reply with the Requested Information

You will need to reply by stating something along the lines of “Yes, I understand, please proceed to delete my account”. He may also ask for specific information, if so provide that information as well.

Once that’s all set up, the bot will reply once more. This time when the bot replies, he starts a 30 day grace period before your account is deleted. The reason Riot gives a grace period in case anyone has second guesses about the deletion and wants to undo it.

It’s super important that you don’t cancel it out of regret, fear or desire! I did that at least twice before I actually deleted my LoL account.

Below are real screenshots of my main’s and smurf’s final ticket message from the Riot Games bot.

7. Wait 30 Days Without Requesting a Cancellation of the Deletion

Just wait 30 days and your account will be automatically deleted.

Now for you addicts out there (such as my former self), this is a very important step and also the hardest). Get your mind off League, do literally anything else.

It’s usually a good idea to start the deletion process before you travel or right before some period of time where you know you will be forcefully preoccupied.

For example, in the image above when I was trying to get out of playing League, I moved in with a friend for 2 weeks to work on business ideas. In the image, we were actually out for a bike ride (you can see my friend to the left) at the US-Canada border.

8. Your Account is Deleted!

Hurray! The final step is basically to celebrate because your account has now been officially deleted. With this, you can finally move on with your life and do bigger and better things that don’t mindlessly play match after match doing the exact same thing.

Even playing another type of game doesn’t sound so bad, no tone that is repetitive in nature but maybe more story-driven like Assassin’s Creed. Better yet, learn a new instrument, start a side business, read a book, start working out. The world is your sandbox!

What Happens When You Delete Your League of Legends Account?

When you delete your League of Legends account, Riot Games removes all of your personal information and is unable to ever retrieve your account. Deleting your League of Legends account will also delete your Valorant, League of Runeterra and Teamfight Tactics account if they were on the same joint account.

This occurs 30 days after filing your deletion ticket and getting the final response from the bot (as shown below). This 30 day period allows players who may have decided to delete their account out of anger to be able to cancel the deletion process early.

But once it’s finalized, Riot Games virtually removes all data related to you and will never be able to access or retrieve that information ever again. They completely clear it out of their database but keep any money you spent on the game.

Therefore, when deciding to delete your account you must be certain that deletion is the action you want to commit to. You could also deactivate your account if deletion is too much, but honestly deactivating is the same as if you just weren’t logging in. It’s pretty pointless.

Can You Retrieve Your League of Legends Account After Deletion?

You cannot retrieve your League of Legends account after the deletion process is complete. Riot Games would have cleared all associated account and personal information from their database, making it virtually impossible to recover. 

This is exactly why Riot Games makes the process along and tedious, to make sure you are really committed to delete the game and aren’t going to request it back.

Riot has no responsibility to return it to you but obviously they don’t want to lose players. But when it comes to deletion, they strip it off their database that even if you wanted to come back and they wanted to retain you, it’ll be impossible for them to actually give you back your former account.

It is impossible to retrieve your League account after deletion. You may retrieve your account during the 30 day grace period prior to deletion, but not after your set deletion date.

What are the Alternatives to Deleting Your League of Legends Account?

The alternatives to deleting your League of Legends account are deactivation and abstinence. A deactivation will prevent a user from logging into their account until they request a reactivation that will take a few business days to process.  Abstinence is the act of leaving your account registered as normal but not logging in.

These options may make it easier to quit League, especially if you are looking to quit it only for a limited period of time. This could be due to a stressful time at work, new family developments such as a new child entering your life and much more.

To me, if you are looking to quit League, deactivation and abstinence isn’t worth it. If you intend to quit League for even the short term, you may as well just quit it for the long term and move on to better things in life.

How is Deactivation Different From Deletion?

Deactivating your League of Legends account will keep your data saved within the Riot Games database and can be retrieved at any time. Deleting your account will remove that data from the database and once deletion takes place, the account may never be retrieved again.

This is why Riot Games recommends deactivating your account if you need a break for a period of time but want to return to the game.

From my viewpoint, deactivation is a pointless effort. If you want to seriously stop playing the game, just delete the game outright and move on with life. If you for whatever reason wanted to play the game again in the future, just borrow a friend’s account or make a new one.

I say this from experience, I have deactivated my account before and just reactivated it within a few days.

By keeping your old account, you will continuously have the temptation of playing the game once more.

How to Deactivate My League of Legends Account?

To deactivate a League of Legends account, you must:

  1. Go to the League of Legends Support Page
  2. Sign in to Your Riot Account
  3. File a Ticket Under the Request Type “Account Request”
  4. Title the Ticket “Account Deactivation”
  5. Wait for an Auto-Response From a Bot
  6. Reply with the Requested Information
  7. Your Account is Deleted!

The process for deactivating your account is very similar to deleting your account with a few minute changes.

The first difference is that your subject is no longer “Account Deletion” but instead “Account deactivation”. This will inform the Riot Games bot that you are looking to deactivate your account instead of deleting it.

Secondly, Riot Games removes the waiting grace period before deactivating your account since a deactivation has no permanent consequences.

If you get angry at a match and request a deactivation, then regret it a few days later, you can just send another ticket and reactivate your account.

As a result, Riot Games has fully removed the grace period from the deactivation process.

If you want a clear step-by-step guide, go back to the top and follow the deletion guide but make those 2 key changes that I outlined here.