COVID 19 Cancelled 3 of My Events for the Next Two Months… and I’m Excited

As the COVID 19 pandemic continues, the entire world is in a panic as the death toll continuously increases and economists forecast a potential economic recession or depression. The event organizing industry has taken a major hit too due to social distancing measures that prevent the feasibility of organizing an event.

My own 3 events for March and April were cancelled, and all future projects have been postponed and potentially cancelled until further notice. We were 2 weeks away from the Lambton Esports Open, the largest event on this list, which we spent 3 months planning with thousands of dollars in prize money.

I also had to cancel our grand finale to our-year long PUBG Mobile tournaments at Lambton College. We ran tournaments for over 8 months and this final event was supposed to reference every other that happened this year. We were getting a bunch of prizes, a trophy and photos to be shared at the event. Our last event was an experimental Clash Royale tournament which we were expecting a decent turnout.

Although the situation that COVID 19 puts us through is grave and its saddening that this is happening, in some right I am satisfied that to be put into a situation where I am restricted to staying home and not being able host live events.

Here are the reasons why!

Online Esports Tournaments

In esports tournaments, the highest return-on-investments are through hosting live events since you can offer more value to the players with less work that allow for price increases while providing more value to sponsorships.

That being said, losing the opportunity to not host my live events is terrible but I won’t let that stop me and neither should you. I’m still pushing out content, I’ve been working on several different projects like the Ontario Online PUBG-Mobile Series (OOPS) and several League of Legends 5v5 and 1v1 tournaments.

One examples of a tournament I’ve been running recently is the 1v1 Me, Yo! Again

There are a lot of benefits to hosting online tournaments over live tournaments such as experiencing the extra importance of ensuring clearance in your rulesets and the information you provide. It also gives you more opportunities to resolve disputes as disputes are more common with online tournaments.

Generally with online tournaments (especially currently), you have a bigger fan base to work with which could be a great learning experience hosting a tournament with more participants but on an easier online platform before hosting a large live event.

For commentators, you have more opportunities to find work as there are a lot more tournaments being hosted, and all commentating will be done remotely anyways. For team managers, now is an easy time to scout for new players through the array of online tournaments. There is something for everyone, you need to look at it through an optimistic lens.

On, just today (a random Thursday) there are 36 different League of Legends tournaments (a random game) happening. The opportunities for commentators are countless and highly underrated as long as you invest some initial time, do some research and make the ask!

Lastly, this allows you to experiment with what you want to do. For tournament organizers, new game ideas and rulesets are a great place to start, which is something you wouldn’t want to do when you are renting out a venue. You can also create innovative procedures and see what you can automate. I’ve been considering revisiting Fortnite where I wanted to experiment with different rulesets and see how I could automate the execution experience.

For commentators, this could be what you say. You can do this as many new tournaments will be hosted that are looking for any commentators and will give you the privilege to make mistakes without worry. Again, think about this as an optimal opportunity to develop your professional career.

Esports Industry Growth

Another thing that has been coming through the pandemic is how esports is prospering, specifically through recognition and increased fan base. Not to mention the huge number of new viewers and streamers on Twitch. Valorant’s success on Twitch is a great example, although the game itself played a large reason for its success, there is no doubting the fact that the COVID 19 situation created the window of opportunity for its viewership to hit 1.7 million concurrent viewers.

LinkedIn Post by Ben Feferman, CEO of Amuka Esports

As the industry avoids closures unlike many other industries, more nonendemic businesses are looking to invest into esports as a way to pull themselves up. Although they don’t have the passion that the founders of esports and endemic sponsors may have, this will increase the growth of the industry as a whole.

Countries, such as Japan, are planning on leveraging esports as a tool to boost their economy after the pandemic.

Focus on Building Yourself

Lastly, through this pandemic, there is the golden opportunity to fine-tune yourself. For me personally, after reading Find Focus and watching Sam Ovens’ video on “Death By 1000 Cuts: How You Waste Time”, I started tracking my day to see how I spent every 30 mins and how it can be improved. Additionally, I would list down every distraction I had and learned what triggered it.

This is a .xlsx file containing my information for today. I clearly got really distracted a lot as I started, but I was able to identify the triggers and over a week you can see common triggers and figure out what you can do to minimize them. I highly recommend this! In the moment it’s hard to realize what is consuming your time and distracting you, but once you find out, some simple fixes can save you a lot of time in the long run!

You need to take this time to re-evaluate your day and determine how you are investing your time. What is eating away at your time and productivity and what can you do to rectify it. Time is finite and an extremely valuable resource, if you dedicated time to work, learn how much of that time is used productively.

This is also the PERFECT opportunity to learn new things. With government spoon-feeding us money and most people having too much time on their hands, what better opportunity is there to learn something new or read a book that you didn’t have time to read before. I personally started programming again and I’ve been taking a Udemy course of photoshop and advanced Microsoft Excel functions. I also started reading How to Win Friends & Influence People which I bought a long time ago but never got around to reading.


If you haven’t realized by now, all these things are evident, but your mindset will determine what you do, what you see and how you progress. You can’t let situations like this hold you back from achieving the success you are meant to achieve.

If you are trying to get into the esports industry, now is your time to get work done. Start running more online events, start streaming more, start looking for more commentating work, start recruiting new players for your team. Whatever it is, now is the time not only to develop your professional self but also your personal self.

The economy will only be experiencing turbulence from here, don’t wait around for things to get better. Take ownership of your inaction and start doing more for your own success.

Leave in the comments what kind of projects you will be working on over this period!