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about Esports How

Hi, I am Uzair Hasan, the founder of Esports How. Being actively involved in the business side of the esports industry since 2017, I have grown to love what makes the esports industry both super unique and dynamic. 

My passions led me to run a series of various esports tournaments and events. I ended up creating two high school clubs dedicated to esports, interned for the High School Esports League, and founded a student-run esports organization in the Greater Toronto Area. 

With our esports organization, we had a lot of success in getting people engaged and involved with our brand. My goal was to take that student-run esports organization and turn that into an official nonprofit corporation. However, as I attempt to determine things such as how to make a profitable esports organization, one that could get enough funds to run large-scale tournaments AND pay employees, I ran into problem after problem.

No matter how much I crunch the numbers I had at my disposal, I could not make sense of it. And when I did research online, there was almost no information that could tell me. The only information I saw was Reddit posts where they said esports events “probably operate at a loss.” 

Furthermore, there was near no information regarding the actual procedure to running a successful esports event. It forces you to go through trial-and-error and every error I make would tarnish my brand and set me back.

From that point, I concluded on taking a formal education behind the business of esports in the Esports Entrepreneurship and Administration program. While being a part of that institution, a lot of the information was easily presented and it all made perfect sense. Adding that to my own experiences started brewing a formula for success in the industry.

The purpose of Esports How is to provide the information that I learned from my own trial-and-error, what I learned from my formal education and what others have learned from their experiences. Through this blog, you will learn to get your foot into the industry and develop a business in esports at a grassroots level, scale yourself and your business, and finally get the knowledge to make your dreams into a reality in the crazy industry of esports.