A Complete Guide to Quit Playing League of Legends

For many people, quitting games such as League of Legends is a difficult feat. For myself as well, I used to struggle hard to quit League of Legends. At one point in my life I was playing 20 hours a day, 7 days a week for 6 months straight unemployed and skipping school.

To quit playing League of Legends, you must:

  1. Take This Commitment Seriously, Tell the World
  2. Create a Plan to Curb LoL
  3. Delete Your League of Legends Account
  4. Cut Out Your Friends and Remove All Stimuli
  5. Become Crazy Busy With Other Active Commitments

I kid you not, I know the worst when it comes to quitting League of Legends and a sure-fire method that if you can follow will bring you success. The “if you can follow” is the kicker though, and we will go through that in this article.

In this article, we will dive into how to quit playing League of Legends, how the game is so addictive, why you should quit in the first place and why you may be having difficulties quitting.

Why is League of Legends So Addictive?

League of Legends takes advantage of your primal instincts for status, power and the innate desire for growth. These factors all release extraordinarily large amounts of dopamine. High dopamine releases are associated with survival, therefore you are addicted as your brain assumes this game will best help you survive.

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter in your brain associated with pleasure. Dopamine was intended to tell our brains which actions yield the greatest chance of our survival. That said, as we evolved, times were very different.

Let’s get one thing out of the way, humans were never evolved to have so much free time. Our lives before were just jam-packed with the necessity to hunt, mate and defend ourselves. We had no time for things such as TV, video games or social media. Even in the 1900s, most housewives for example were too busy going through the gruelling process of house chores that it was equivalent (some would argue more burdensome) to a full-time job.

Nowadays, cleaning itself also takes a matter of seconds. The reason I start off with this is to understand that our brains were never wired for free-time, it was always wired for survival through physical means (not through primarily mental work either).

Therefore, back in the day, all dopamine releases were properly calibrated for the actual value something has to our survival. For example, intercourse releases a massive amount of dopamine as it helps to ensure the survival of the species through reproduction.

The gaming industry takes advantage of this neurotransmitter to keep players addicted for as long as possible. A lot of what nowadays gaming is built off comes from the functionalities of the casino industry which thrives off of addictions.

As we play more and more, and more and more dopamine is released with very minimal effort, our brains start to associate League of Legends as the best action for survival and nothing else compares to the value it brings to our survival.

The game specifically touches on our desire for status, improvement, acquiring power and being victorious in our tribes.

With an understanding on a biological level, we can curb the gaming addiction by breaking apart what keeps you hooked.

How to Playing Quit League of Legends For Good?

To quit playing League of Legends, you must:

  1. Take This Commitment Seriously, Tell the World
  2. Create a Plan to Curb LoL
  3. Delete Your League of Legends Account
  4. Cut Out Your Friends and Remove All Stimuli
  5. Become Crazy Busy With Other Active Commitments

I’ll break down each step below, but let’s first dissect why this system works.

There is a really good and popular book when it comes to building habits and addictions called Atomic Habits. In the book, the author speaks about the 4 stages a habit (or addiction) must go through to stick.

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Those are a cue, craving, response and reward. The cue is an indication that you need something, it can be a visual, mental or psychological indication. For example, when I was addicted to League, whenever I sat down on my PC to work, my brain associated sitting in front of the PC with gaming.

Craving is where after witnessing the cue, your body anticipates a reward and starts to desire it. For me, when I’d be sitting at my PC, now my body is thinking about how much of a dopamine hit we could get from League of Legends instead of working.

Your response is enviably the action you take. Since the only thing I would have craved was PC overwork unless the deadline was about an hour away, my response to the cue and craving is that I will play.

The reward is the whatever emotional or psychological benefit you gain after the task is done. In gaming’s case, it’s massive amounts of dopamine hits throughout the game, especially at the end.

The system I have in place, which worked for me going from my worst (20 hours daily playing for about 6 months straight) to being able to completely stop gaming (although I relapsed a few times, but my first relapsed only happened 2 months after I quit. It actively decided to make the mistake of playing due to overstress, the fact that I was in an esports-college program) since it elements all of the factors.

Your remove any possible cues, therefore a craving is impossible, physically preventing you from taking action and therefore not providing you a reward.

Now that I explained how the system works, let’s dive right into your action plan.

1. Take This Commitment Seriously, Tell the World

The biggest thing for me was to seriously be committed to quitting. Obviously after gaming 6 months straight for the entire day, one has a strong enough reason to quit. But a reason alone won’t cut it. Because honestly, I had a strong enough reason to quit gaming after 1 month of 20 hour days.

Instead, you need a serious commitment to yourself. Decide this game isn’t going to take control of your life anymore. Become motivated to quit. This motivation is a pre-requisite to change as it will start your momentum to lay out your plan.

The motivation won’t last long, for most people it’ll die out within a day or 2, but it’s impossible to start without it. The motivation will start you off, your plan will keep you on track.

To actually aid some fuel to your motivation, tell everyone you are quitting League of Legends. Ignore any negative criticism you may get, especially from your gamer friends, but let them know (and be ready to cut them off, more on that below).

Tell people in real life to get real-life responses. Tell your parents. Post it on social media. I don’t care if you’ve tried to quit multiple times before and are worried if you tell people and fail that you’ll be embarrassed, because with that mentality you will fail.

Instead, tell the world and be pumped that you will finally stop playing League. You will finally take control of your life and decide how you will exactly spend your time and your life.

2. Create a Plan to Curb LoL

League of Legends has officially become the enemy, a devil of sorts. As we mentioned in step 1, this built up motivation won’t last long, we need to plan for it as such and put in the infrastructure to sustain ourselves.

If you thought step 1 was difficult, you are in a world of hurt for step 2. Our objective with this is to sustain without playing, watching or thinking about League of Legends for 3 months straight. If you are near or older than 25, your objective instead is for 6 months straight.

This is backed up by scientific research (and my own personal experience) that your brain is malleable and for your dopamine receptors to reset their baseline requirements, it takes about 2 to 4 weeks. For your dopamine receptors to disassociate League of Legends from a high dopamine hit, you have to go 3 to 6 months without thinking or consuming it.

The reason why it’s harder for people near or above 25 years old is that their brain’s neuroplasticity, its ability to reshape, significantly slows down. For the young guns out there, we want to use that to your advantage.

Regardless, now we have a timeframe, but we need a serious plan. This plan will 100% work if you actually plan it to the extremes I will outline here. Even if you are 20 hours a day 6 months consistently addicted (and I played the game for about 5 years by that time), you can get over it, BUT YOU NEED TO PUT IN THE BEST PLAN IF YOU ARE THAT ADDICTED. YOU WILL NEED TO TAKE IT TO THE EXTREME!

If you aren’t as addicted, you can take a much more mild approach, and pick and choose which elements you need to incorporate. That said, try to put as much as possible. The effects of telling the world won’t provide you as much dopamine the next time you do it as the value of that will diminish in each failure. Therefore let’s aim to win the first time.

3. Delete Your League of Legends Account

This is the big goal. You will need to delete your League of Legends account. Click here if you aren’t sure how to do it, I created a full guide on the process.

If you are looking to quit League, I don’t care about your emotional ties to your account, delete your bloody account. If you refuse to delete your account, I recommend you stop wasting your time and stop reading this article.

Clearly, you aren’t serious enough about quitting. If you are already rationalizing why you may want to keep your League account for “memories” or “your old friends” or “nothing wrong with keeping it”, imagine how easily you will rationalize playing again within the next 2 days. Therefore, if you have decided to not delete your account, do yourself a favor and stop reading this article and queue up for another LoL match right now.

I say this out of my deep regret for not deleting my account after quitting League. If I did, I wouldn’t have relapsed even once. I may come off as rude, but know that I say it out of sympathy.

For the majority of you who now understand the rationale behind deleting it should proceed to do so.

Riot Games is the enemy and they don’t want to see you quit. Instead, they put on the deletion a 30 day grace period. In essence, they want you to relapse within 30 days, and the first 30 days will be the hardest, and request to not delete the game.

Thankfully we are putting a plan in place to make sure we surpass not only the first 30 days, but enough to get us through 3 months.

4. Cut Out Your Friends and Remove All Stimuli

Cutting out my old friends was one of the 2 main catalysts that let me quit gaming. Before, I’d refuse to do so, thinking that I didn’t want to lose friends and I didn’t have to cut them out just to quit playing. I was wrong.

If you are serious about quitting, you have to get rid of people who are bringing with them cues, temptations and reminders of the game. I don’t care if your gamer friends are also your cousin or your sister, cut them out.

While you are at it, we want to remove all other stimuli that relate to gaming. This was the 2nd best catalyst that let me quit gaming for good. For me, after I disconnected myself from everyone I used to know online, I moved to a college campus in a different city several hours away.

Therefore, I removed all possible stimuli. It’s hard to identify what your brain will associate with the game, especially because that all happens within your subconscious, that’s why if you can drop everything and move entirely to a new location, new job, new school, new friends and new pastime, you cannot possibly fail unless you intentionally fail.

If you want more detail on this step, I created a general article on quitting gaming and it’s step 3 was a lot more detailed about how to move locations and cut out things in your life.

I will say this one more time, you cannot possibly fail by following that unless you intentionally fail. Cutting all stimuli would force you to only intentionally think about gaming. The first week will be exceptionally the hardest, by farrrrrrr. Get through each day step-by-step, one day at a time.

To aid you in the first month, specifically that first week, that’s where step 5 comes into play.

5. Become Crazy Busy With Other Active Commitments

Your first week will be a killer. After week 1, the following 1 to 3 weeks are easy but you will really need to avoid stimuli and thinking about the game. After that, your next 2 months are exceptionally easy and can only be messed up if you intentionally mess up. Nothing else to say about that.

But for your first week, we really need to make sure you are locked down for success. To do that, we need to make sure that you never get the opportunity to even think about League.

We don’t want it to even be a viable option. How? By basically filling your schedule into a tee where free time isn’t something you have.

This could be something as simple as going camping, which works really well, or travelling to a different country for a week or 2.

For me, upon my first time trying to quit League I was kept myself busy when I went to college, had to move, get myself comfortable, travelled around the campus, went to the gym daily and tried to start up a club.

When I officially quit gaming, I was acting as a full-time student, working on 2 business ventures and acting as an intern to Lazarus Esports.

Above is a random week in my Google Calendar. During that time I was running Esport How as a consultancy, was attending my main college full-time, attending a 2nd college part-time for my agile project management certification, studying for both, studying for all my classes and acting as an intern for Lazarus Esports. I was so crazy busy back then. 

I was so crazy busy that I had no possible chance to do anything outside of work. Funnily enough, that was exactly what I needed.

By keeping yourself so occupied that you can’t think of anything else, even for a week, will be enough to establish you on the right path to quit League of Legends for good.

If you want to learn more about quitting gaming, click here and read my other more thorough guide on quitting gaming generally.

In short though, if you seriously follow these steps, there is no way you will fail unless you intentionally relapse as I did.

Should You Quit League of Legends?

Yes, if you have to ask yourself this question then you should quit League of Legends. LoL was engineered to be an addiction due to its manipulation of your neurotransmitter dopamine. According to studies, quitting games improve your mental health and an improved ability to control impulses.

Quitting League of Legends was one of the greatest choices I’ve ever made in my life. By actively quitting, I was able to actually work on my business ideas fully, build better friendships with people in real life, improve my family life, get better grades at college and improve my mental health.

Gaming was destroying my life like it likely is doing to you. The reason I know that is because you had to ask the question of if you should. Chances are if you have to ask yourself that question, you definitely need to quit the game outright.

Is Playing League of Legends Bad For You?

Playing League of Legends itself isn’t bad for you. Playing it excessively, like other video games, will overwhelm your dopamine receptors and change the chemistry of your brain. This has been proven in many scientific studies and is especially true in youth under the age of 25 due to increased neuroplasticity.

League of Legends is known to be very addictive and its addictive property is derived from its ability to manipulate our brain to associate gaming with survival by causing the release of dopamine.

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter associated with pleasure and is biologically associated with doing acts that ensure the survival of an individual.

Therefore, playing too much League of Legends changes the baseline requirements of dopamine in your brain and can be very bad for you. You should avoid playing League of Legends if you struggle to control the amount of time you dedicate to playing this game.

That said, if you can control your impulses, League of Legends itself will not be bad for you.

Is it Worth Playing League of Legends?

It depends on your definition of “worth playing”. If you derive worth from enjoyment, growth or building friendships, League of Legends is worth playing. If you derive worth from storytelling, diversity of gameplay or an easy-going feel, League of Legends isn’t worth playing.

This question all comes down to your exact definition of what is worth playing and what is not. The game itself is known for being very fun, especially with friends and nurturing relationships. The game itself also shows improve growth in skills and ability frequently, especially with its ranked ladder.

That said, the game is also very repetitive and has no real story built within the game. If you enjoy games more like Assassin’s Creed, you will much less enjoy League of Legends and not see it as a game worth playing.

Is League of Legends a Waste of Time?

League of Legends wastes more time than other games due to each match being upwards of 50 minutes long. This is much longer than most games that span over 20 minutes long. You can determine if you are wasting extra time by determining how many matches you will play beforehand.

It depends on your definition of wasted time. League of Legends is a great way to have fun with friends and relax during the day. Playing the game in excess will cause it to become a waste of time if you persist to play for an improved rank or without enjoyment.

This game does especially well on Twitch and YouTube. Therefore, if you are playing the game to generate revenue or to start a business as a content creator, playing the game will not be deemed a waste of time.

Is League of Legends Good for Your Brain?

Research has shown that games like League of Legends and chess have no correlation to the brain or overall intelligence. Players become better at the game itself, but those improvements do not transfer to other aspects of life.

Sorry to the guys who thought League of Legends improved your brain, because it doesn’t. So many people have been interested in the concept that if they play enough chess or sudoku that their brains will be improved.

The reality is our brain has fibres that gain or repeal based on which nerves fire at what time. These create what we were to as muscle memory and allow for us to become continuously better at the same thing after repetition. That said, these muscle memories don’t improve other aspects of our lives.

Nor do they provide us with skills that transfer to other aspects of our lives.

I Can’t Quit League of Legends!

If you are struggling to quit League of Legends, your brain has been biologically altered to have an inclination towards the game. In order to quit, you must remove any possibility of playing the game and remove visual and verbal cues that lead to a temptation to play.

As we mentioned already, the book Atomic Habits by James Clear takes about the 4 cycles of addiction. The cycle works as what we see below:

We already broke down all stages above, so if you want more details on the stages, just scroll up and refresh your memory. In short, for gaming specifically, we want to remove as many of these elements as possible.

We cannot remove the craving and the response as both are directly engineered within the game itself. Instead, we need to actually remove any cues that lead us to anticipate a craving and make it as difficult as possible (or impossible) to play League.

This do this, go through the article’s steps. But in short, identify when you start feeling a craving to play LoL. Whenever that arises, you can identify what cue did you withness from any one of the 5 senses that led you to want to play League. We want to remove that cue.

Also, delete the game. Get rid of your computer. Cancel your internet service. Do whatever you need to do to make it so difficult to play League of Legends, the resistance to play is almost non-existent. By doing so, you are now able to remove 2 parts of the 4 steps of forming a habit/addiction.

As we mentioned above, the first week will be the hardest. Once you pass a month, you won’t really think about the game much. Once you pass 3 to 6 months (3 months if under 25, 6 if near or over 25), your brain will disassociate League with the massive amount of dopamine it used to receive. Meaning you won’t be addicted anymore!