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"Gaming content on (livestreaming platform) Twitch has more viewers than HBO, Netflix, Hulu and ESPN combined, and the viewership of some of the big esports tournaments are double the viewing audience of the NBA Finals"

-Barney Waters, president of K-Swiss

Learn to Build Your Own Future in Esports

The industry is in a crazy state where no one sees the end of the potential in esports, and it shows in its massive year-on-year growth. We focus on providing information about how you can run a successful business in the industry!

Learn the Mistakes of Others and Avoid Unnecessary Pitfalls

Life is too short for everything to be an experiment and to learn all on your own. It is important to learn from other's successes and mistakes to effectively invest your time and achieve success.

Ask Questions and Excel in the Esports Industry

This is your chance to truly engage with people that have varying knowledge in the realm of esports. Reach out by connecting through our contact us page.

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